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Online Books on Java                            WROX Publication

In association with Wrox publishing, this site now brings you chapters from advanced technologies in JavaTM technology. Although these topics are not directly related to Java Certification, they would be extremely relevant as you built upon your core Java skills.

Professional Java E-Commerce by Ronald Ashri, Chad Darby and others.
This is a new book covering a lot of Java related technologies used in todays eCommerce projects. Some of the technologies covered in this book include - J2EE, B2C, B2B, and M-Commerce. Here we cover two chapters of this book - Approaches for E-Commerce Architectures and In the Marketplace B - A Customizable Portal Architecture.
Buy Professional Java E-Commerce from Amazon.com

Java Programmer's Reference by Grant Palmer.
Java is a platform-neutral, Object-Oriented programming language that provides a large number of predefined library classes which greatly simplify common programming tasks. This book is a quick reference to the parts of the language and libraries you'll need 90% of the time - the language has grown so large it is not possible to cover the entire class library in one book. Instead, this book covers the commonly-used packages: the Java language, utility, I/O, and network programming classes, together which those for GUI development using the Abstract Windowing Toolkit and Swing, applets, event handling, and Java Beans. Here we present the chapter 5 titled "The java.net Package" of this book.
Buy Java Programmer's Reference from Amazon.com

Professional Java XML Programming with Servlets and JSP by Tom Myers and Alexander Nakhimovsky.
XML greatly increases the ability of the user to exercise control over computer programs, by editing easily understandable text files. These programs know as little as possible about what they are actually being used to do. Instead, their structure and behavior are described with XML in domain-specific languages, and the programs "interpret" the descriptions. This book explores various facets of XML and its relationship with JSP and JavaBeans. Here we present the chapter 10 titled "JSPs and JavaBeans" of this book.
Buy Professional Java XML Programming with... from amazon.com

Professional JSP by Karl Avedal et. al.
The book covers - Design and architecture for dynamic web sites and web applications, JSP tag syntax and lifecycle, and Servlet concepts, JSP and its relation to J2EE APIs, Case studies in using JSP, XML, and XSLT to target web content at WAP and HTML browsers, e-commerce and personalization using LDAP, and streaming using LDAP, and streaming using JMF. Here we present the chapter 10 titled "JSPs Architecture" of this book.
Buy Professional JSP : Using JavaServer... from amazon.com

Professional JINI by Sing Li
Here we present the chapter 7 titled "Jini Distributed Events" of this book. The chapter explains how the Java event model is extended across the network. It provides a flexible asynchronous communications system. Jini distributed events mechanism is built on top of RMI, making it very simple to use. Designed to be 'chainable' or 'composable', allowing the possibility of using third-party services to process or handle events in the form of a pipeline.
Buy Professional Jini from amazon.com

Beginning Java 2- JDK 1.3 Version by Ivor Horton.
Java is a fast maturing development platform. Its cross platform nature, full object-orientation, simplicity and support for networking and database access make it the ideal choice for developers. The newest version of J2SE technology, Version 1.3, will deliver significant performance gains and improved Web deployment for enterprise-grade, client-side applications, making this as good a time as any to get into Java. Here we present the chapter titled "Images and Animation" of this book.
Buy Beginning Java 2 ... from Amazon.com

Given below are a list of free online books on Java available elsewhere on the web.