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Review of SCWCD 5 Study Companion by Charles Lyons

SCWCD 5 Study Companion by Charles Lyons targets aspirants for Suns Java web component certification exam number 310-083. The book is an introductory text for web developers in Java web technologies. The SCWCD certification exam includes questions on JSP, Servlets, EL, and Design patterns. All these topics are covered in detail in the book. Each chapter is followed by sample mock exam questions along with detailed explanation. These questions are very similar to exam questions. The book assumes that you are familiar with basic core Java concepts.


If you are preparing for the SCWCD certification or if you are a newbee to JSP and Servlet techologies, then this book will be a good addition to you shelf. Reading the book thoroughly along with practising some JSP and Servlets examples should help in getting you through the exam. If you are a seasoned J2EE web developer, then a quick reading of the book should suffice for your preparation for the SCWCD exam.

The book includes a brief introduction to some topics not covered currently in the exam - Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1, EL 2.1 and JavaServer Faces 2.1 . Garner Press also offers an online mock exam at http://exams.garnerpress.com/shroff/ for £4.5

A good addition to the book will be a complete mock exam. Also it will be useful to add tips on exam taking process and preparation.

Statistics for the book -
NameSCWCD 5 Study Companion
AuthorCharles Lyons
PublisherGarner Press
Errata Linkhttp://www.garnerpress.com/catalogue/BK0316/BK0316Errata.pdf

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